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Sweet Flower Girl Gift Ideas 
For All Of Your Little Bridesmaids

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Choosing your flower girl gift is one of those fun things to do when you are planning your wedding, you get to indulge in everything girly. Unless your flower girl is more of a tom boy!

As with all gift buying or making it is a good idea to think of the personality of your flower girl as this will help you choose the perfect gift.

Favorite Flower Girl Gift Ideas

  • You can buy little teddies and rag dolls wearing t-shirts with the words flower girl on the front. You can also find personalized teddies with your little bridemaid's name on the front. If you are good at sewing then you could embroider a personal thank you to the t-shirt along with your names and the date of the wedding.
  • Most little girls love to dress up either as princesses or pretend to be a grown up. The pretty dress that they are wearing for the day will be a big part of the day for them and your gift to them could be a necklace, mini tiara or a pretty flower girl handbag to match. You could make the gift more personal by having their initial as the pendant of the necklace or a locket filled with a photo of the two of you.
My flower girl having just received her gift

  • Little girls also like to have a place for special things, and a sparkly keepsake box or jewelry box would make a perfect treasure box.
  • If your flower girls are old enough to be able to read then a hand written note written by you thanking them for being so wonderful on your wedding day will make them feel very special. Also if you are having a photographer you could make sure that you have a photograph with your flower girls, just the bride and all of the little ones will be a lovely memory.
  • Your flower girl gift doesn't have to be expensive, it is the excitement of being a bridesmaid that will be the best part of the day for them so don't think you have to blow your budget on gifts. Anything that you love they will love too.

Your flower girls will think of you as a princess on your wedding and will be just as excited with all of the preparations as you. Enjoy their wonder and energy on your special day.

Here are some great flower gift ideas that are available at the moment, just click on the picture for more details.

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