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In the world of fashion gold is big at the moment and in the world of finance too! It's not often that you will see gold and the word cheap in the same sentence but I do like a challenge. The gold look is subtle, more of a shimmer than a full on gold goddess and it looks amazing.

Colored wedding dresses are very popular at the moment and most of the designers have had dresses in gold, red, Champagne or blush on their catwalks this season. Designer dresses can cost a fortune, thankfully for our budgets there are a number of cheaper alternatives!

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Gorgeous cheap wedding dresses are available at Milanoo as they have fantastic prices.

Colored dresses are a godsend when you are looking for a cheap dress for your wedding as you don't have to stick with wedding boutiques. Instead you can look anywhere for the dress of your dreams. It could be a prom dress, a party dress or even a more casual summer dress. Also have a look at Mother of the bride dresses as they can be stunning.

When you are searching for a gold dress also have a look at Champagne colored dresses too as there is not much in the color if you are going for a more subtle look. This will increase the number of dress styles you will be able to choose from.

What I love about these gold dresses is that the color is so flattering and it makes the dress look so glamorous, as it's not every day that you can wear gold!

Here are some beautiful wedding dresses for you to look at that do not cost a fortune!

With such a stunning dress you will also need to have great accessories and to start with that means shoes! You can find gold shoes and sandals in every shoe store so don't just stick to wedding shoes, that's not where the shoe fun is! Depending on your style and the style of your dress you may want to have a contrasting color for your shoes. For some reason I always think of red, but I am sure there are loads of other colors that would go! I just happen to have a red shoe thing - I blame The Wizard of Oz!

When it comes to jewelry be mindful of your dress as this is your big impact and you don't want to detract from it. Your jewelry needs to be gold based and as with every wedding gown make sure it all works together. I have yet to come across a gold wedding dress with a veil, so if you want a veil you will either need to make it yourself with a gold/Champagne colored tulle or forget having one.

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