Help with flowers and centerpieces for renewal of my vows wedding - colors plum, silver and black

by Cindy
(North Carolina)

Plum Wedding Ideas

Plum Wedding Ideas

My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in January 2015. Our celebration will be a renewal of our vows small wedding. The venue will be an elegant. Our colors are winter colors of plum, silver and black and can anyone give me some suggestions on flowers, center pieces for the reception and any idea that will not be so expensive. Thanks.

Hi Cindy

Congratulations on your up and coming 30th wedding anniversary, renewing your wedding vows is such a lovely thing to do.

Your colors are so dramatic and will make great decorations. If you want flowers in your centerpieces you will need to go with the plum colors - tulips, dahlias, lillies and roses. To keep the costs down look at using just a couple of stems of the flowers on each table.

You can add the black and silver to your tables with confetti, mirrors and colored tulle. All of which are fairly inexpensive.

Plus don't forget 30 years is celebrated traditionally with pearls which automatically gives you a great theme to work with and can be mixed in with your color scheme of plum, silver and black.

Here is a link to lots of 30th anniversary party ideas, and also happens to be my other website! I do love celebrations :)

Good luck with all of your plans


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