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Hexagon Wedding Cake Designs
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Hexagon wedding cake designs are the modern alternative to square cakes, they look stunning and complicated but they don't have to be.

If you are thinking about making the cake yourself don't be tempted to bake a square or round cake and then cut it into shape, there would be too many crumbs and the chances of you creating a perfect hexagon for each layer would be too stressful! Instead it would be worth investing in some hexagon pans. These are the ones available on Ebay at the moment - they are an investment, but if used carefully you could always resell them on Ebay after you have finished.

Rolled fondant icing is the most popular choice for this style of wedding cake as it gives a lovely smooth finish to the cake and rounds the edges.

Stacking your hexagon cake is just the same as stacking any cake, use dowels and pillars. You will also need dowels if you have the cakes stacked directly on top of each other, as this makes it more stable.

You can also incorporate other shapes into your wedding cake design, it could be a round or a square layer and looks good. Also helpful if your hexagon cake pans are giving you a nightmare! If you decide that making your own hexagon cake sounds a bit much you will need to order your cake from your baker as at the moment very few supermarket cakes come in hexagons. As soon as they do we will let you know as this would save you a fortune!

To save money when you are ordering your cake order a smaller cake for cutting and the photos and then have a sheet cake waiting in the wings to be served to your guests. They will never know! As long as you have it iced the same!

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