Easy Homemade Wedding Centerpieces

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Homemade centerpieces are great as they can save you a fortune and when you make centerpieces from items you have at home already, you are also being thrifty and green!

There are lots of items at home that are just crying out to be made into a centerpiece!

We all have empty jam jars, pretty and simple and you probably know enough people to borrow some from if you haven't got enough, or you could always buy mason jars.

The easiest centerpiece with jam jars is to use them as vases, the small jars look great with a single large headed flower, something like a hydrangea or large rose is perfect. Have a few on each table to create more of an impact.

Empty jam jars can also be filled with candy, you could fill them with candy that fits with your color scheme.

If the empty jar is too plain for you then you could decorate by tying ribbon around the middle - secure it in place with glue dots otherwise you will be there for an age trying to get the ribbon tied in the right place! Or you could cover the jam jar with tissue paper.

Have different height jars for more interest, don't just think jam, you could also have cooking sauce jars, pickle jars - anything you or your friends have lying around.

Tin Can Lantern Centerpiece

As well as jars you could also use empty tins to make a tin can lantern centerpiece;

  1. make sure they are washed and don't have any sharp edges. 
  2. Next fill with water, leaving enough room at the top as you are going to put the tin and the water in your freezer to freeze and you want space for the water to expand. 
  3. When they are frozen you can start making your design. 
  4. Tape a simple design to the tin and then with a hammer and nail you can punch holes. 
  5. When you are finished remove the ice and place a tealight in the tin and you have your very own tin can centerpiece! This is a classic Martha Stewart craft idea!

What else do you have at home that you could recycle into your homemade centerpieces?

Alternative Centerpiece Ideas

Homemade wedding centerpieces don't just have to be flowers, think about your wedding colors and the theme that you have.

  • Would a fruit centerpiece fit with your colors? A clear glass bowl filled with bright green apples would look great at a Spring wedding.
  • A pot plant as a centerpiece will add color without the stress of flower arranging!
  • Photo frames filled with photos of the two of you is another idea, or if you have themed each table then an arty picture of the table's theme would fit in the frame very well.

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