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How To Cut Wedding Cake
In Easy Steps

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How to cut wedding cake is easy when you know how!

The first cut of the cake by the bride and groom is mainly for show and the photos! It does have extra meaning as it symbolizes the couples' shared future together.

Photo by Ross Hawkes

When all the photos are taken the wedding cake is taken away by the caterers, so don't think as bride and groom you are left trying to divide the cake up!

If you are organizing and catering for your own wedding then find someone to cut the cake, you may want to let them read this page so that they know the easiest way to do it.

When you are cutting the cake there are a couple of things to consider, are you saving any of the cake and how many people is the cake meant for?

Whether the cake is round or square you can cut the cake the same.

  • The cake pieces can be about 2cm wide as wedding cake is normally quite rich so you only need to cut a small piece for each guest.
  • Cut across the cake into strips and then have a chopping board for someone to divide each strip of cake into smaller pieces. It is easier to serve the cake on 2 plates per table with the top table having individual plates.
  • Quite often the wedding cake will crumble when you are cutting it, I have worked at many weddings where we have had to reshape the cake into presentable pieces! Thank goodness for icing as its great for hiding funny shaped cake.

Superstition says that if any of your unmarried guests sleep with a piece under their pillow they will increase their chances of finding their partner. Now you know what to do with all the left over cake.

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