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How To Make A Wedding Card Box

How to make a wedding card box is a great way to decorate your gift table and also a practical way to ensure you don't lose your guest's cards.

If you look online for a wedding card box you will find either a wedding cake card box or a treasure chest design.

The wedding cake card box is beautiful and if you look at the design all it is are hat boxes stacked on top of each other with an opening in the top for cards.

  1. Have a look around for suitable hat boxes, you will want a plain color if you want to decorate it yourself. Buy either 2 or 3 different sizes to stack on top of each other.
  2. Stack them as you want to display them and draw around the base of the box onto the top of the box below. 
  3. Next cut the hole smaller than the circle so that they still can sit on top of each other and then cut the base out of the topbox.
  4. Fix the boxes together with glue so that the top box is now stuck to the lid of the box below. 
  5. Cut a hole in the lid ofthe top box so that your guests can post their cards. 
  6. Decorate with ribbon, flowers, confetti, sparkles, anything you want.

A cheaper alternative to hat boxes is to use normal square boxes, try and find different sizes and play around with the boxes until you have a square wedding cake design that you are happy with.

You could paint a box as a post box, maybe painted white or cream, with special wedding delivery printed on it.

Or you could just have a pretty box. Love the idea below where you use the wedding photos of your parents and grandparents either side. So sweet.

Cheap Wedding Card Boxes

Sometimes making your own wedding items will take longer and be more expensive than buying a ready made one!

You may find that is the case for your wedding card box, so here are some pretty and reasonably priced ones for you to have a look at.

Find the cheap wedding ideas you are looking for:

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