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How To Make Cupcakes
For Your Wedding

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Making cupcakes for your wedding can save some big money! Wedding cakes are be massively expensive - you are talking hundreds, sometimes thousands for what is at the end of the day... cake.

If you talked to a wedding cake baker then you will soon realize that choosing to have cupcakes at your wedding is not necessarily the cheap option as each cupcake will have to be decorated which can take hours if you want something very detailed.

However if you think about making your own wedding cupcakes you could save yourself some serious money. You can use packet mixes to make the cakes or go and buy the cupcakes from the grocers. It really can be that easy!

The cakes at the earliest will need to be bought or made the day before to ensure they are still nice and fresh for your guests. That will mean that you will need to be a busy bee decorating the cakes the day before the wedding!

Thankfully wedding cupcakes are much easier to decorate than a big wedding cake, so for all of us that are not blessed with fantastic cake decorating skills you can do this!

You will need cupcakes (with a few extras), frosting (this can be store bought), liners (optional) and fondant icing with food coloring of the shades that you want.

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Decorating Cupcakes

If you want colored fondant on top of the cakes then you will need a splash of food coloring, start with a little as it goes a long way!

Then roll out the fondant into thin sheets, it is a good idea to do a little at a time as fondant can dry out really quickly. The fondant will be hard to start with so you will need to warm it up with your hands by kneeding it or by sticking it in the microwave just to warm it.

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Use cornstarch to stop it sticking everywhere and if you have a pasta maker you could use this to roll the fondant.

Next, cover a cupcake with frosting and then cut a circle of fondant to cover the top and stick down on top of the cupcake. Use your fingers to mold the fondant icing to the top of the cake. When you are happy with the result pop it in the fridge to chill and repeat until you have done the 200 that you need!

When all of your cupcakes are covered you will want to add the decorations and again this can be with fondant flowers, dots, bells, butterflies, anything that you want.

Roll out the fondant for the decorations and use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes that you need.

When you have all the shapes that you need take the wedding cupcakes out of the fridge and 'glue' them with water to the cakes, for heavier pieces of fondant you will need frosting to stick them to the cakes.

Photo by Meringue Bake Shop

You can also use craft rubber stamps to create a design in the fondant which you could then cut out and attach to the top of your cupcake.

Cupcake Goodies

To add an extra wow factor to the cupcakes you may want to invest in cupcake wrappers - they can be up to a $1 a liner so make sure you budget for them, or follow the link for some great ones on Amazon.

You will also need a cupcake stand to display your cakes because how to make cupcakes look gorgeous is all about the display!

Cupcake Stands on Ebay

Cupcake stands on Amazon

Alternatives to wedding cupcakes are donuts, macaroons, eclairs or tiny patisserie delights. And don't forget the latest trend of cake pops!

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