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How To Take Wedding Pictures

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How to take wedding pictures without the stress is all about the planning.

If you have been given the honor of capturing a friend or relatives wedding then you need to get organized! Sit down with the bride and groom and get to know what they are looking for. Do they want formal shots or more intimate relaxed pictures?

  1. Either way make sure that you have walked through the wedding both mentally and physically, in other words if possible visit the venues that the ceremony and the reception will be held at. 
  2. Talk to the people that work at both as they will know where most of the photographers set up their cameras and also the best locations. 
  3. Ask if flash photography is allowed at the ceremony as you don't want to turn up without the right kit!
  4. Make sure you know who the important people are that the bride and groom will want in the photos and plan your group shots to cover all combinations. I hope it won't be too complicated.
  5. It is also a good idea to have the children photographed first before they mess up their clothes and get bored.
  6. Then go for the biggest group shot that the bride and groom want before you start to lose people and work down until you just have the bride and grooms pictures.
  7. Make sure that you know the order of events; cake cutting, speeches, dances as you don't want to miss anything. I have worked at a number of weddings where the reception order is different from the norm. Most photographers end up posing the cake cutting shot as this way you are not trying to battle against all of the relatives with their flashing cameras.

Take with you a list of must have shots that the bride and groom want.

Must Have Wedding Photos

Before the ceremony;

  • the venue, 
  • groom waiting, 
  • bride before she enters, 
  • and seated guests. 
  • Bride walking down the aisle 
  • and the groom when he first sees his bride.

Before the ceremony you will need to check with the officiant whether you will be able to take photos during the ceremony. If you are then be as discreat as possible. The main photo you will want is the one of the bride and groom looking at each other.

After the ceremony you will want;

  • the signing of the register,
  • the first kiss, 
  • walking back down the aisle 
  • and possibly a confetti shot. 
  • Plus any photos of the guests that you can take.

At the reception venue;

  • take a picture of the venue and the room, 
  • the bride and groom and the pictures of all the family and friends.
  • If they are having speeches then try to get some pictures 
  • and the cutting of the cake! 
  • Then just snap away and try and get as many informal pictures of all the guests as you can.
  • If you are feeling arty then pictures of the bouquet and the rings are good for the album.

It is also a good idea to share with another guest how to take wedding pictures, this way if you have a problem with your camera there will still be great wedding photos!

Good luck! 

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