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A cheap wedding party favor that you can make yourself will save you money and since most people love candy, making a candy favor for your wedding will be enjoyed by your guests.

For this party favor you won't be making your own candy, instead you will be making wrappers for your favorite candy.

You will need a computer, a simple graphics program, a printer, lightweight inkjet or glossy photo paper, a paper cutter or scissors and as many chocolate bars as you need. One bride told me recently how she was saving all of the free mini candys from hotels she stayed at for work to use as her favors!

  • First you will need to measure the wrapper that is around the candy bar, a kitkat is 2.45 inch width and 3.60 length.
  • Make your image the size of the wrapper and then divide the image into 3, this way you will see where the image for the front is and the back, the last section will be hidden when you stick it all together.
  • Color the background to fit in with your theme, or buy colored paper.
  • Put your image, words, dates - whatever you want on the front (middle section) and then use the second section for some fun message.
  • When you are happy with the design, print it and wrap your chocolate bar to make sure it fits. If it does great, now you can copy and paste lots of the wrapper image on to a word document so that you don't waste paper when you print them out.
  • Use tape or glue dots to secure the wrapper in place, otherwise runny glue could get messy.

If designing a wrapper from scratch is not for you a great site for free templates and wedding wrappers is Alenkas Printables they are simple to use and you can edit them yourself, you may want to as some of the colors are a bit scarey!

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