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DIY Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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There are three types of Mason Jar centerpieces for your wedding

·         With flowers

·         Without flowers

·         Or with Candles

They all look great and can be styled to fit with your wedding theme whether that is vintage or more modern.

 To keep the costs within budget ...

1.       Don’t always use Mason Jars – you can get the same effect with normal jars

2.       You don’t need lots of Mason Jars on each table, instead mix it up so you have a couple of mason jars and then surround them with glass votives.

3.       Budget the cost of the jars and what will fill them.

4.       Shop around for your Mason Jars – you can buy them wholesale, or even once used – eBay or Craigslist are good sources for mason jars. Also if you are super organized buy yours at the end of the summer.

5.       DIY your mason jar centerpieces for your wedding

You can buy a set of 12 Clear glass Mason Jars from Koyal Wholesale for just over $30.

Or Mason jars in different colors are available from Luna Bazaar.

Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

mason jar wedding centerpiece idea

Jars make great vases and are relatively inexpensive. The beauty of this style of vase is that your flowers don’t need to be professionally put together to look good. Homemade flower arrangements with local flowers fit the theme much better.

  • To co-ordinate your jars with your theme tie a colored ribbon around the middle of the jar.
  • Add height to your centerpiece by grouping a few jars together and have taller flowers in one jar and then shorter in the other. This looks great on round tables.
  • If you are having long tables for your wedding guests, space your jars evenly along the table and make sure that the other table decorations and items to not crowd the jars and they get lost.
  • As well as flowers you can mix up the jars and just have leaves or branches.
mason jar wedding centerpiece on a long table

Image: Sara Kelly

Mason Jar Centerpieces Without Flowers

Use the jars for your centerpieces and instead of flowers add items that fit with your theme.

  1. Dice for a casino theme
  2. Christmas decorations for a winter wedding
  3. LED string lights for a magical evening wedding decoration
  4. Tissue paper in your wedding color at the base and then filled with candy
  5. Glass beads
  6. Lace
  7. Photos secured in the jars – you could use old family wedding photos or pictures of the two of you.

Mason Jar Centerpieces With Candles

mason jar wedding centerpieces with candles
  1. Fill the base of the jar with pebbles or glass stones and then have a floating candle
  2. Add sand to the base of the jar and secure long taper candles
  3. Use large Mason jars and secure a pillar candle in the base, then add sand or seashells or both for a beach wedding theme.
  4. Use candles in your wedding colors to co-ordinate the wedding decorations.

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