My wedding colors..Black,White, and accenting deep Crimson Red.

by allie
(wilmington, nc)

I am having a black,white, deep crimson red colors at my wedding. What flowers might you suggest? it will be outside where in a garden type place with lots of different colors from all the blooming will be in the fall. I am having kinda a zebra theme also. I will have a vase at the table with black beads or clear glass stone beads depending on what flowers we choose.

Thanks sooo much! I think this website is amazing! ;) I feel like we have already spent or my parents have spent wayyyy to much!

Hi Allie

Love the choice of your very dramatic colors!

The obvious flower would be roses, unfortunately they can be expensive so rather than a vase filled with flowers how about using your vase for floating candles? You could submerge a single red rose into the vase - secure it with wire or florist glue or a frog clip, then out your pebbles to cover up how you secured it and then fill with water and place a floating candle on the top.

To add more color to the table you could scatter rose petals on the table.

To save money on the roses have a look at flowers at all of the big supermarkets, you can make big savings by buying your flowers there or also online wholesale.

If roses are too expensive then have a look at carnations - they are quickly losing their old fashioned image and for a contemporary look use lots of them together. A fabulous centerpiece with carnations was a florist foam stuffed full with carnations.

As your wedding is in the Fall adding candles to your centerpiece will add a sparkle to your reception.

Take a look at these diy wedding centerpiece ideas for photos to get some ideas.

Good luck with all of your plans.

Best wishes


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Feb 27, 2015
by: Cooper

How about using tulips? I would suggest using the white ones and the red ones is the bouquet so that a classy look can be made. Or else consider using the New Zealand rocky lilies which would be so elegant.

Jan 06, 2012
by: sheryl

how about red poppies? they have a black center,so that's 2 out of 3 colors.maybe a white ribbon?

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