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Personalized Silver Money Clip

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Product Code: JDS - GC845

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Price: $25.99 (RRP $28.99)

Shipping: $2.60 Standard

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Personalization: Please let us know at checkout the three initials you would like added to the money clip.

This personalized Silver Money Clip would make a great gift for your groomsmen and bestman. Plus it will be a gift that you know will be used daily.

Personalize the money clip with their 3 initials.

Special Offer - 25% Discount on RRP & Free Shipping

Order 5 money clips; maybe one for your groom, one for his bestman, one each for your dads and also one for your groomsman and the price is $21.74, plus you will also get free shipping too.

Add 5 money clips to cart at $21.74 each

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