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Seashell centerpieces are great for a beach wedding or a beach themed reception, they are also virtually free to make - as long as you live near a beach and you can put the shells back after your event!

Your centerpiece could be as simple as a platter with pillar candles and then seashells around the edge.

You could even have the shells just scattered on the table if you are having a more relaxed event.

shell and pillar candle centerpiecePhoto By Amanda Downing

Seashells also look great at the base of a vase and then have flowers or floating candles on top. You can also use sand to fill the base of the vase and have the shells sitting on the sand, this will make any candles that you put in more secure.

Try and avoid using hot glue with the shells to the vases as this can look tacky and cheap, it is much better to have the shells as nature intended.

shell with candy place settingPhoto by Tiffany Terry

Seashells make perfect place settings too, you could fill them with candy as in this photo or use the shell to hold your name cards or a little message from the two of you.

blue shell centerpiecePhoto by Shaun Gomez

Keeping your seashell decorations simple is the key for them to look great, they are beautiful on their own and don't need any extra decoration.

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