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Small Wedding Cake Ideas

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Small wedding cake ideas are becoming more and more popular, not just for the savings that you make but also because you can be so creative.

There is an obvious saving with a small wedding cake, most cake makers will charge you per slice so the smaller the cake the less it will cost.

Even if you have quite a few guests you can still have a small wedding cake for the photos and for display and then have a sheet wedding cake to serve to your guests. Have the sheet cake cut before the reception and wrapped and you will save on the rediculous cost of having the cake cut for you. This must be the cheekiest wedding cost of all, when venues charge per slice for your wedding cake to be cut! Make sure you check that your venue doesn't.

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Small wedding cakes are also great for showing your style. If you want wedding cup cakes then a small wedding cake for a 'top tier' is perfect for cutting the cake. You can co-ordinate your small wedding cake with your cupcakes with the decorations on both.

Cheap Small Wedding Cake Ideas

Small wedding cakes fit with any wedding theme, if you have a lot of guests and a number of tables at your reception use your small wedding cakes as centerpieces.

This has to be the best cheap wedding idea for double if not triple use. You will need a cake stand for each table, you can find these at thrift stores, dollar stores, IKEA or borrow them from friends and family. For a uniform look to your tables have similiar if not the same cake stands, for a more unique look you could have your cake stands themed to your table theme or for a vintage look hunt down the best your local thrift stores have.

Now you will need your small wedding cake, if you can't decide on one flavor, have a different flavor on each table. To save money you could buy small celebration cakes from your local food stores and then decorate them yourself. When it comes to the cutting of the cake you can both visit each table and cut the cake.

Save yourselves even more by serving your wedding cake as dessert and now these small wedding cake ideas have saved you three times - that has to be a great cheap wedding idea!

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