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Plain square wedding cakes have been left in a seventies wilderness for long enough, for me it seems like my parents had a square cake but nobody has had one since, ever!

Back in the seventies the square cake was very fashionable, it was just one layer and it was fairly simply decorated.

And that simplicity is making a big comeback with vintage weddings and those looking for a retro twist. Just check out the simple cake design below and you will see what I mean.

If you are decorating your wedding cake yourself you will find that a square cake is much easier to cover in fondant icing than a round one. The tricky part will be to get a very straight sided square cake.

Choosing a square cake can save you money as you can get more portions from one square tier rather than a round tier. But wedding cakes are normally priced per portion not per layer which would mean that it is more expensive. If you can buy your wedding cake by the layer you will save money!

Modern Square Shaped Wedding Cake

Well, square cakes are back in a big way and by big I mean tall!

Square cakes make the most stunning tiered wedding cakes which could be decorated in a traditional way with flowers and ribbons. You could even have the flowers between the layers.

Or they can look incredibly modern. The square shape lends itself to more funky designs and colors. You can be really dramatic with your color choice and have some fun with it. Or have a contemporary look and use the bright colors as the accent colors of your cake rather than the main color.

Rather than having the tiers of your cake in staggered sizes you could have each tier the same size and use a cake stand to stack the layers otherwise having one cake on top of the other will make it look like one giant tower.

You could also mix up squares and round cakes with a large square on the base and then have round cakes tiered on top.

If you are having a small wedding then a single tier wedding cake makes a lot of sense. A square cake can really make a statement whether it is classic and retro with a small arrangement of flowers as decoration or a cake that is style statement.

Cheap Square Cake Stands

The cheapest square wedding cake stands that I can find at the moment are from Amazon and there is a selection below for you to have a look at. If you are looking for floating cake stands then you can use a round one as it won't be seen under the cake, the cakes will still be stable and they are much easier to find than any square ones.


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