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Wedding cake serving sets are one of those things that are nice to have, but not if they are going to cost a fortune! What would be the point of spending less and have a cheap wedding cake but then blowing your budget on the serving sets? Madness!

A serving set will have a knife to cut the cake and then a cake slice as well. Rarely will a bride and groom use the cake slice and often use just the knife. So a really easy way to save money is to find a beautiful cake knife that you can use.

The tradition of cutting your wedding cake together is to symbolize your shared future and also is meant to also symbolize the first shared meal as husband and wife. It is one of those big wedding photo opportunities that you will want in your album so you will want it to look good.

The first thing to note is that many caterers and venues will have their own serving sets, so save yourself a fortune and ask if you can borrow theirs. Make sure you have seen the set before the day so that you are happy to use it - you probably don't want to be hiding a kitchen knife wrapped in ribbon in your photos!

And as many couples do buy their own serving sets ask your friends and family if they have a set that you can borrow, it would make the cutting of the cake even more special if you could use one from someone you love.

Of course not everyone is that lucky to be able to borrow the perfect set so here are some of the cheaper sets that are available online at the moment.

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