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Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Your wedding cake is probably the most expensive cake you have ever bought or made, even if you have managed to get a bargain! So you will want it to look its best and not hide the cake away in a corner. Plus your wedding cake will be center stage in a number of photographs and these you will be looking at forever so you will want them to look good.

Let's start with the common mistakes to avoid!

  • Think really carefully where you are going to position your table for your cake. Look at the wall behind the table which will be the backdrop to your photos and think if you are happy with it. Simple things to look at; are the light bulbs all working, are there any noticeable marks or signs on the wall. And will your cake be noticeable where it is?
  • Is the table big enough or too big? No point having the most elaborate cake if it looks like its going to fall off the table at any minute and in reverse you don't want your small but perfect cake looking lost on a mammoth table. Measure your cake stand so you know everything will fit.
  • Does the table cloth fit? And are the linens mark and hole free? Seeing the legs of an old banquet table is one of my pet hates, along with a wonky hem to the cloth! Your table cloth for your cake table should skim the floor and not be too long otherwise there is a chance that someone may trip or too short and you see those legs! Most times there will be a cloth covering all the table and then a slip cloth over the top. The only exception to these linen rules is if you have the most gorgeous looking table!

Wedding Cake Table Decoration Ideas

When you have the basics in place you can think about decorations and you will want to keep these fairly simple otherwise you will distract everyone from how gorgeous your wedding cake is.

  • Your decorations will also want to match your overall theme. For example if you have purple flowers on the tables you may want to think about having purple petals scattered on the surface of the cake table.
  • If you have garlands on the front of the top table you may want to have the same garland across the front of the table. Your garlands could be ivy, flowers, colored tulle or paper garlands.
  • If you are not using your bouquet as a decoration on the top table you could place it on the cake table.

Any more decorations will look over the top! After all this is all about the cake!

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