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Making your own menu cards has to be one of the simplest wedding diy projects that there is. But before you start I want to ask you a question - Do you really need them?

If you are having your reception at a venue such as a hotel they will be able to make them for you. And they do this all the time - it should be included in the price, do not let them charge you for it! Check that you are not duplicating something that they expect to do for you.

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If you are having a buffet, a menu is not really needed as the guests will be going up to choose their own food and you could have the menu on the blackboard and have labels on the food.

Once you have checked if you need them, the next thing is to find them for free.

The company that you are using for all of your wedding stationery may include the menus as a freebie - you will have to ask if they do.

If you like the idea of creating your stationery yourself but not printing it, then have a look at Zazzle. There are also lots of designs to choose if it all gets a bit overwhelming. 

Or you could look at finding free templates and by free I mean not costing you anything. There are lots of companies that offer free templates but you will have to pay for them to print them - crafty huh?

free wedding menu templates

One trully free site is Microsoft templates I have had a play and it is really easy to use. Choose the design you want, press the download button and then open it as a Word document. Add your menu choices, save and print. What could be easier? The only downside is that there is not a great deal of choice on the designs.

Apart from that the easiest way to create the menu card that you really want and that fits in with your theme is to design it yourself on your own computer. If you don't have any design packages then have a look at PicMonkey you can edit your own images online for free.

make your own wedding  menu cards

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