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Wedding reception food for under $10 per person is not going to be a full 3 course sit down meal with wine and drinks unless you have a pot luck wedding reception.

Pot luck receptions work really well if you have a close knit family and friends, with everyone getting together to help you have a great wedding.

However, you don't have to have everyone bring something for a potluck to work.

Instead you could ask those that want to help to bring a particular piece for the wedding buffet.

For example

  • 5 people making 5 individual large pots of soup would feed loads 
  • Or 7 people bringing 7 bowls of salad will help bulk up the buffet table.
  • Or each family bring something for the BBQ and you add the salads and bread.

Here are some more cheap wedding food ideas that are really easy.

Pot Luck Wedding Reception Ideas

Soup and bread - big pots of vegetable soups are cheap and easy to make, plus they can be incredibly tasty. Choose recipes that you know your guests will like, unusual or traditional and your guests will be back for more. For bread, buy big loaves of crusty bread that goes so well with soup, again buy some more unusual ones if you know your guests would prefer it.

wedding reception food for under $10

Pizza - order your pizzas from a good local pizza place and have them delivered for your reception. Chat to the take-away a long time in advance so that you know that they are able to cope with the quantity. Order a mixture of flavors - mainly quite simple ones so that you know your guests will like them. Have the pizzas delivered to another room so that they can be taken out of their boxes and displayed on big plates and boards. Serve your pizzas with salad that you make before the wedding.

cheap wedding pizza

Image: A Vlxyz

Pasta - pasta is cheap and can be cooked in advance. When your pasta is cooked, drain it and cool it down with cold water, then store it in the fridge. Before you serve the pasta you will need to reheat it in boiling hot water. If you have a large number of guests then make it easy on yourself and have one type of pasta with lots of different sauces that your guests can help themselves to on a wedding reception buffet. Serve this with garlic bread or ciabatta.

wedding reception pasta

Image: A Vlxyz

Barbeque - if the weather is guaranteed then a barbeque is a fun wedding reception food. Keep it simple with hotdogs, sausages and burgers and then serve them with rolls and salad.

Your wedding reception food can be fun, tasty and cheap. The ideas here have options to suit all of your guests and tastes, including the children too!

wedding reception bbq

Image: Dinner Series

pot luck wedding food

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