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When wedding reception games are done well add a great deal of fun for your guests. They help if you have a lot of guests that don't know each other as games start conversations. Here are games that I have seen work well at weddings.


For this game you will need a make your own jigsaw puzzle for each table. Copy a design that is related to your wedding theme or a photo onto each puzzle and then break them up and place them in an envelope or box for each table. You can then have a contest between each table to see who can make their puzzle first. Or you could be a bit mean and mix all the pieces together so that each table has to talk to each other to find all of their own pieces. It does help if you can number or mark all of the pieces for the same puzzle the same otherwise you will still be there a week later trying to put them together.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be big fun, you will need a volunteer from each table and as the best man calls out the list the volunteer has to run and get the object hidden in the room. You could have a simpler list for the children at the wedding reception, and even run this while the speeches are on. You may want to nominate some older children to supervise! That way the adults get to enjoy the speeches.

Quiz Wedding Reception Games

You could have the quiz written down so that each table can take their time to answer. The questions should be about the wedding couple with some general knowledge questions about important dates during the time they have been together. Or have someone read the questions out and have everyone answer them at the same time.

A photo quiz is another fun way to get everyone chatting, you could have photos of the main wedding party maybe from when they were babies and have everyone guess who they are. Or a photo quiz of important places and things to the wedding couple - a pet, their first home, where they met, where they went to school.

A map quiz is when you have an outline country or state map with a list of places that are important to the wedding couple and then your guests need to mark where they think they are on the map.

If your wedding has a theme that you have used on your table names you can incorporate that into your quiz by asking questions where the names are the answers.

Contests between tables adds some fun competition and you could have little prizes, they don't just have to be a quiz it could be something like a Lego building wedding cake contest.

You could have a little bit all these ideas to make one big wedding reception game or have them as print offs for each table with the answers in an envelope so that your guests can play the games on the side. You know your guests and if they would love to be part of a big game or if they would prefer to quietly have a go at a quiz.

With all reception games make sure they don't take over the whole time, have them more as a just in case your guests need a nudge into chatting and mingling. The bride and groom can judge the winners of all the wedding reception games.

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