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Inexpensive Wedding Rose Petals

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Rose Petals look beautiful scattered on tables, they are a great way to extend your centerpiece if you have a small vase and want to add more decorations to the table. And they look lovely by themselves.

Natural rose petals do look lovely and you really want to be buying them rather than trying to shred that many flowers yourself - you would seriously need hundreds of roses to make any amount - much better to leave it to the experts.

The downside to real rose petals is that they can be expensive, they can get bruised and generally not look that great at the end of the night!

Alternatives can be freeze dried or silk petals, both will look great on your tables. Just don't use the freeze dried ones in any floating display! They won't stay dry!

The real thing and silk petals can be used in water.

Cheap Petals

Petals For Your Aisle

You can also use petals to decorate your aisle. Make sure you check with your venue as you may also need to provide an aisle runner for under the petals.

Also a number of indoor places will want you to use only silk petals as the real thing can stain their floors and carpets. Plus they are a nightmare to clear up afterwards!

If your ceremony is outside you will need to use real petals or freeze dried, as these will biodegrade. They are also the prettiest biodegradable confetti you can buy.

How Many Petals Do You Need?

To decorate an aisle you will need about 100 petals (4 -8 cups) per square meter, don't worry you don't have to count them as you buy them in the quantity you need! That will give you a medium to thick covering, 50 petals (2 cups) per square meter will give you a light covering.

You will need 2 to 4 cups per table centerpiece. Again the amount will depend on how thick you want the petals on the table and also if you have a big long table you will need more per table.

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