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You may think that a wedding videographer is a cost that you could do without and you could end up spending thousands on something that you may only watch a few times. Not ideal especially when you are trying to save money on your weddingbudget.

The first thing that you need to remember is quality is important. It doesn't matter how cheap the deal is, if it is terrible you will be upset and if the record button was forgotton to be pressed by a well-meaning relative you could be devastated.

Whomever you employ for the services of wedding videographer make sure you see previous work and samples, both edited and raw footage.

The cheapest wedding videographer will be a friend or relative who is willing to do it for free but take into account the above points. Whoever it is check their previous work!

Another cheaper option is to hire a film student, check out your local college and see if there are any students wanting to film your wedding. They may be needing to increase their portfolio and so this is a win-win situation.

If you want to hire a professional there are ways to keep the costs down.

Shop around and not just in your own town, I have heard of videographers from the other side of the country being hired as they were the cheapest. And that includes travel and accommodation. In other words if you live in an expensive city try looking at more rural based wedding videographers. Sounds mad but it's true!

The more videographers, hours of filming and level of editing is what will increase the price. Think, when is it important for the filming? Maybe just have the ceremony filmed, stipulate just one videographer and maybe ask for the raw footage. That will minimise your costs.

You also want to find a videographer who will give you the rights to your own proofs, otherwise you will get charged for all the copies you need for all of your relatives. Another expense to avoid.

Some videographers and photographers work together and if you hire them both the overall cost will be reduced from individual contracts. This will also mean that they will work together rather than trying to get in each others way. Another stress to avoid!

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