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What To Wear At A Fall Wedding

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What to wear at a fall wedding when it is cold and crisp outside but warm and cosy indoors?

Having worked at lots of weddings at all times of year I have great fun checking out what the guests are wearing to get ideas on what works and what doesn't and it is always great to see the wedding dresses!

Fall weddings are tricky to judge, you never know if you are going to be blessed with sunny weather or if you need your woolly hat and scarf.

The best way to overcome this problem is layers, there are gorgeous knits this season that would keep you warm when you are waiting for the photographer and that would still look perfect when you are at the reception.

Dresses, suits and trousers in gorgeous browns, burnt oranges, reds, deep purples and shades of grey look stunning.

Accessories are very important, as they are with all wedding outfits, choose yours to highlight the colors in your outfit.

Belts, beads and bangles will update a simple dress and adding a "Pashmina" or shawl will add an extra layer of warmth and glamour.

Make sure you check the itinerary of the wedding day day as you may find that everything is at one venue, this will save on a big coat and you can then dress for an indoors wedding. Less layers and more sparkle!

Wearing a gorgeous party dress is fun and it works if most of the wedding is indoors. If you are to go outdoors for the photos you don't want to freeze, so it is a good idea to take a nice big coat. One that you will happily want to wear in wedding photos! If your winter coat is not that glamorous see if you can borrow one off a friend or at least accessorize your own coat with either a big material flower or a beautiful scarf.

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