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Where To Find Maternity Wedding Dresses

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Where to find maternity wedding dresses is a difficult one when you are constantly changing shape!

The good news is that there are a number of outlets that have a great selection of maternity wedding dresses, the only problem is that most of them are online, so you don't get a chance to try on before you buy. Quite a few do have real shops so it is worth checking out how far you would have to drive as it could be worth the extra effort in the long run by trying before you buy.

However these online maternity wedding dress shops are great for one major reason, they specialize in maternity wedding dresses. They know everything you need to consider when buying a dress, most of them do have customer contact telephone numbers where you can chat to a real person and discuss your own requirements.

Most online guides say don't buy a bigger size, buy the same dress size you were pre-pregnancy. To be honest I am not sure about this one, when I was pregnant the first time I seemed to expand in all drections. I had pregnant arms, face, ankles, the works. The second time I was more controlled on the number of cookies! You know how pregnancy has changed your body so I would order the size of clothes that you are buying in your other maternity items. With all maternity wedding dress buying it is worth finding someone that can make any alterations you need closer to the day.

As with all cheap wedding dress shopping it is worth looking at secondhand dresses as you will save yourself a fortune. A soft floaty empire line wedding dress would be a perfect and they are very flattering whatever shape you are.

Make sure your dress is comfortable, nothing worse when pregnant and just think you will be in it all day.

If you are in the later stages of pregnancy I would suggest flat shoes or at least have a spare pair of flats as there is no way you will last all day unless you are super woman.

Hope you find the dress of your dreams!

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