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We all love the idea of winning the wedding of our dreams and there are lots of contests all around the world to do just that.

If you have entered a contest and would like to tell lots more people to vote for you then let me help using Twitter and Facebook.

Find Me On Twitter

Start by following me @cheapwedding

Send me a tweet with the details of your wedding contest and the hashtag #CWSWin, make sure you also add a link to the contest.

I will then RT (retweet) your tweet to all of my followers on Twitter and Facebook asking them to vote for you.

It would be great if you would also help another bride in another competition by RT their vote request and voting for them if you would like them to win.

Find Me On Facebook

The same goes for facebook. Start by liking my pages @cheap.wedding and also @free.wedding.stuff

Then add a message to the pages and I will share with other couples.

Please make sure that the message includes a link to where your entry is and again it would be great if you would also look at the other requests for votes.

This way we can all help each other :)

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