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Inexpensive Winter Wedding Bouquets

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Inexpensive winter wedding bouquets can still look gorgeous and there are lots of ways to save money without compromising on the look.

  • Choose a bridesmaid bouquet for you as it is smaller and cheaper than a traditionally sized bridal bouquet. To disguise your smaller bouquet have your bridesmaids carry a single stem or have a corsage.
  • Choose cheap flowers such as baby breath (gypsum) or carnations, both are available in the winter and both create gorgeous bouquets.
  • Carry just a single long stemmed flower with ribbon wrapped around the stem. For winter that could be a single rose, a lily, carnation. All of which could be in winter colors of reds and whites.

Photo by Andrew Callow

  • To keep your flower costs down add lots of evergreen foliage; conifer type trees, ivy (also know as wedded bliss), laurel leaves, herbs and anything green you have growing in your garden.
  • Also look at adding extras like cones, sparkles and maybe more handmade items.
  • Look to make your own bouquet.
  • Bouquets can also be made from brooches, buttons, ribbons and origami. The last three will save you money but a brooch bouquet can be expensive if you need to buy all your brooches.

Photo by Fay Lyne

  • Instead of having a bouquet you could have a corsage on your wrist or flowers in your hair, I had flowers in my hair.

Also have a think if you really want a bouquet. I know that sounds a bit crazy but if you are having a traditional wedding where someone is walking you down the aisle – you will have your bouquet in one hand and quite likely will have your other hand/arm linked with the person who is giving you away. When you get to the end of the aisle you will hand your flowers to your bridesmaid and then turn to face your husband. After you have said your vows you will then walk arm in arm/ hand in hand with your husband with your flowers in the other hand. In a way your hands are already busy!  

There is a possibility you could be spending the best part of $100 on flowers for the walk down the aisle and for your photos.

Why Do Brides Carry Flowers?

Brides carried flowers in the 15th century for their beautiful fragrance as many people only had one bath a year.

Plus they also carried strong smelling herbs to ward off evil spirits.

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