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My fiance proposed to me on saturday the 30th of june. We have a few dates in mind and we have very little money, due to him being layed off. WE are looking at the date 09/09/09. We dont want nor can afford a big wedding but want it to be nice of course. If you have any ideas to share we would greatly appreciate it. We want to get married on a sat but it falls during the week so need another idea. Thank you, jodie

Hi Jodie

First congratulations on your engagement, exciting times are ahead - planning your wedding and also your future lives together.

By choosing such a memorable date you may find that the costs will be higher, this year the date of 08/08/08 was more expensive in some cases, as suppliers knew that this date would be popular. Saying that with the 9th being mid week this should keep the costs down. Your best bet is to start looking around and get quotes.

If you do decide on having a mid week wedding you need to think about your guests - is it easy for them to get time off work?

When you have decided on a date, put together your guest list, this way you will know how big your reception venue will need to be.

Find all venues within your area that will hold your numbers, go everywhere, think about alternative places - state parks, community clubs, family or friends' backyard, cafes, and restaurants.

Hold your reception in the afternoon, this way you are not having to provide a big meal, it could be an afternoon tea reception, or a cocktails and canapes reception early evening.

Look through our site for lots of ideas to save money on all of the other areas and most importantly have the wedding that you want, not what other people are telling you that you want!

Good luck with your plans


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