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How to plan a destination wedding cheaply is not necessarily about compromising on where you are getting married, that would be too easy and you probably would always wonder what it would have been like somewhere else.

Here is how to get the wedding of your dreams without it cosing you a fortune.

  1. Start by making a list of where you would like to get married, or at least work out if you want a beach wedding, or to get married on top of a mountain or somewhere even more unusual.
  2. Next, work out your budget, money is always a deciding factor when you are choosing items for your wedding. The good thing is that your destination weddingcan also be your honeymoon, so that is a saving. And you will no doubt have less guests than if you got married in your local town, so again that is a saving.
  3. Now you need to have a look at your guest list. Destination weddings are expensive for your guests, so don't be upset if some people are unable to come. Now you have your budget, you have an idea of where you want to go and you know how many people. Time to get the brochures!
  4. Pop into your local travel agent and ask them to find your ideal wedding within your budget. Afterall this is what they are good at, but be a bit cheeky and say that you want to have a chat about all of the details before you book.
  5. Take their information and start looking for similiar yourself online. If you do find it cheaper then go back to your travel agent and see if they can match the price or come close. It is so much easier to have one company book everything for you rather than you try and plan everything yourself.
  6. If you find the perfect venue for your destination wedding you may find that they have an in-house wedding planner or co-ordinator. This is a god send if you are hundreds of miles away and have no chance to get to your destination before your big day.
  7. Or if you find the perfect destination but then can't find the perfect venue, it is worth contacting a local wedding planner as they will know how to plan a destination wedding. We have lots of local experts with experience of planning a cheap destination wedding and we are adding to our database all the time.

Top Tip: Check facebook for wedding groups for where you want to get married. You will find quite a few and they are full of brides looking for help, plus local wedding planners sharing their knowledge.

As with everything that you do online please check any suppliers that you use before you spend any of your money.

Need help finding your perfect destination wedding?

Drop me a line with your destination wedding questions and I will get back to you. The great part of posting your question here is not only will you get my ideas you will get everyone elses as well!

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