How To Plan A Destination Wedding

by claudia

Destination Wedding by Sister72

Destination Wedding by Sister72

Want to keep costs low, under $8000 for everything, honeymoon included...

the internet is overwhelming...

I want a no-stress, beautiful, elegant, all inclusive beach front wedding preferably in the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos.

Probably will be about 15 people.

Hi Claudia

First things first! You need to decide whether you want the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos.

Information on getting married in the Bahamas is available here Bahamas Tourism

Information on getting married in Turks and Caicos is available here Turks and Caicos Tourism

Both islands are stunning and you are bound to find the perfect destination!

One company that looks for the best deals on Caribbean Weddings
is worth having a look at to keep the costs down.

When you have decided on your destination you will need to find the exact numbers for your party so that you can book it all together and hopefully benefit in price from the group booking. Time to send out your invites. Your guests will expect to pay for their own flights and accommodation.

When you have your inclusive wedding booked and the date then you will need to start looking for your dress and the groom's attire. The great thing about being on a beach is that you don't need shoes or a big dress. It will be hot so choose a light dress. The groom won't have to wear a suit unless he wants to, again another saving.

When you book all inclusive weddings they will take care of the flowers, decor, cake etc - just make sure you are happy with the extra costs if there are any, remember it is your day and if you want something other thn they are suggesting then go for it!

Have a look at my destination wedding articles for more ideas.

Good luck with your plans!


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