Which destination is the least expensive/cost effective to have a wedding?

by Jenna

Hello, I am the maid of honor for my best friends wedding, and I am helping her decide ALL the details from here on out. Her fiance is a pilot, and is gone for 2-4 month periods (he just left for kerkistan!)... so she needs help planning this wedding! She wants to have it January 2nd (saturday) 2010. I know its a difficult time, since that is so close to new years and christmas.. but she wants what she wants haha! I told her she really needs to figure things out asap, ecspecially reserving rooms! They are dead set on having a destination wedding, and she mentioned the bahamas and hawaii. But I was wondering if you had ANY tips, or ideas for the "cheapest" (yet safe and memorable) location or resort to have a destination wedding. I'd really appreciate any help, as I'm not married and am new to all this wedding planning stuff :-) Thanks so much, have a great day! ~~Toodles~~

Hi Jenna
Love what your friend is thinking with the date for the wedding 01/02/2010 - the date is the same even if you read it back to front! Very clever!

If you are planning a destination wedding without visiting the islands the best way will be to have a wedding package - where the resort will do everything for you or the other option will be to hire a wedding planner who will be able to advise on local legalities and the best places.

Whether you choose Hawaii, the Bahamas or a less well known island the costs will be comparable. You may be able to make savings on the flights over so that could be a good place to start your research. Where, when and how much, can you travel to the Caribbean from Wisconsin?

Ask your friend to think about the number of guests that they want to invite, there will be less guests than a wedding at home, so again that will save some of the wedding budget.

Make sure you find out how long they will need to be on the island before they are married. If it is a week or more this will take them over the Christmas/ New Year period which could push the costs up. Saying that there are a lot of bargains at the moment, travel agents are desperate for sales so they could be open to giving more of a discount. Make sure you ask!

Good luck with all of the plans


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