Best way to plan a destination wedding in Key West FL ?

by Cindy
(Washington DC)

I am having a very small wedding with no more then 20 guest. IT might even be less guest then that. I was wondering if it would be easier to get a package deal or a wedding planner or do everything on my own?

Hi Cindy

The easiest option would be to get a package deal as you know exactly what you are paying for and where, plus the reassurance of booking with an established name.

If you can't find a package deal that suits you then you would be best to have a wedding planner as they will know the local area and will be able to advise. You can still save money by doing items such as the decorations, invitations, cake, flowers yourself and have your wedding planner organise the ceremony and reception.

If you are planning on doing the whole thing yourself then for your own peace of mind you will probably want to see the venues in person. Internet pictures are a great way to narrow down your choices but to make the final decision you will want to go. This would be an additional cost, flights and accommodation that you could save by hiring a wedding planner.

Best wishes for all of your wedding plans


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