Backyard Wedding - How Much Does It Cost?

by Lynn

How much will it cost???

Hi Lynn

The cost of having your own backyard wedding depends on many factors.

First the numbers of guests - if you have lots of guests then your food and drink costs will be higher.

Will you need to put up a wedding tent or marquee?

And a big factor is how much of the wedding will you be doing yourselves?

Will you be making your own cake, taking your own photographs, creating the decorations and also the catering?

Do you want some entertainment or are you going to use your own stereo?

One backyard wedding cost $6000 for 45 people! Another was $2000 for 150 people!

Start by working out how mch you can afford and then work out how many people you want to invite and then you can start sorting out the details.

Good luck!


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