Affordable wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

by Christina

The Hay Loft, PA

The Hay Loft, PA

Hi, We are planning fall wedding Oct 2015.

Suprisingly the majority of our favorite venues are already taken. We are trying to stay within 8k with 125 ppl. But we are not having luck...

I have centerpieces, I willing to go to local Sams to get flowers for centerpieces day before an arrange cuz I love that! I would rather have rustic however its next to impossible.. I just don't want a dark dingy banquet hall...

We are willing to do BYOB and decorate. State parks are out because in PA you cannot have alcohol in state parks.. I have looked at girl scout camps, elks, parks, and just geting nowhere. Should you have any great sugg please send them my way :)


Hi Christina

Thanks for getting in touch, I love finding out all about great affordable wedding venues.

so far I have found
< ahref="" target ="blank">The Capitol Theatre You can rent the theatre and they have a kitchen which you can use. It looks like the rental is about $500 which is crazy cheap!

The Union Project has three spaces you can hire and they also have a kitchen which you can use. Cost for hire for a wedding ceremony and reception is $3000. It would be an idea to check that you would be the only wedding at the venue on that day.

I know you said you would love rustic so I have also been looking for barns to rent in and around Pittsburgh and this is what I have found;

The Hayloft, slightly out of Pittsburgh in Rockwood, Pa in Somerset county but it looks gorgeous and perfect for a rustic wedding. The cost for rental is $2200 which seems very reasonable plus catering. Their cheapest menu is $13.95 a head.

West Overton Barn and Distillery, the distillery is big enough for your numbers and is $1,100 to hire for the day. Carson's catering manage the hiring of the facility and the catering too, their prices seem reasonable.

Let me know if you need some more ideas!

Happy venue shopping.

Best wishes

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