An Affordable Wedding In California Or New York?

by JS
(Huntington Beach, CA)

I married in a civil court on 09-10-2010 in NYC surrounded by my brother, sisters & mom. No one else. It was quick! unplanned! There was no big event and no party. My whole main family is on the east coast. Now, we live in Southwest California near the ocean, my husband & I want to get married in a catholic church and celebrate with close family and few close friends, to bless our marriage, but we have very little cash and dont want to overspend. We want a small intimate romantic event, private 25 to maybe 50 people!!!!!

We make 2 years married in Sept. 2012. I am a city girl, he is a casual, surfer guy. We want to invite & surprise people.

Have the event done close to the beach or in a hotel or restaurant or a venue, but we dont know what might be easier and cheaper for us, to do it in California near to the beach or in NYC at a fancy venue. After Labor Day Holiday in 2012 in California or in late December before or after Christmas in NYC. We want something beautiful and different.

Affordable, Not expensive! Small and to bring the whole family closer together and celebrate our union. Everyone loves good food, drinks, and dancing or a party. I love the sun and comfortable weather, my husband loves the cold weather. This is not easy to choose. We are from Colombia, American, and Irish. Please HELP! I dont know what to do!!! OH! and I already have the dress & veil. Nothing more. We need advice, ideas, and suggestions. --JS.


You have definately got a lot to think about!

NYC wedding in the winter or California in the summer. That's a difficult choice but if you are going to choose by cost alone then a Californian wedding would be cheaper.

That's not saying that NYC doesn't have cheap wedding venues as it does but you want a fancy venue and they come at a price. Quite a big one!

Also since you are in California it will be easier for you to manage your wedding budget and make a lot of your own wedding items without having to worry about transporting stuff.

However if you are still undecided cost out both options and agree before hand that you will go with the cheapest option!

Have fun!


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Jan 30, 2012
Beachcomber Cafe
by: Suz

Have you tried the Beach Comber Cafe?

It looks a fun venue!

Jan 27, 2012
by: JENN

Thank you. Any idea or economical suggestions on how and where in Huntington Beach we can enjoy the ocean view, take pictures, celebrate, have good food (lunch or dinner), and have drinks with a small group of people after the wedding? for some hours.

Jan 27, 2012
Inexpensive Wedding Venues In Orange County
by: Anonymous

Hi Jennifer

Here are some inexpensive options for you to look at in Orange County;

Orange County Parks

OC Sailing and Events Center

San Clemente City Parks and Beaches for rent.

Newport Beach Tee Room.

Hope you find what you are looking for!

Best of luck


Jan 23, 2012
by: JS

Okay, well...thank you! Does anyone have any economical ideas or suggestions or recommendations about where to have a small, intimate wedding reception (food, drinks, cake, great ocean view) for 20 to maybe 50 people in Southwest California near the beach in Orange county??

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