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by Kathy
(Alexandria, VA USA)

Apple Green Inspiration Board by

Apple Green Inspiration Board by

How do we avoid a "cookie-cutter" look at my daughter's "no theme" wedding?

I am helping my daughter plan her March 2011 wedding. I have a knack for party planning, but tend toward the whimsical rather than the stylish -- so I need some help in achieving the "simple and elegant" tone she is hoping to strike. She has some of the basics decided: a very traditional wedding with about 175 guests in a church; white bridal gown with apple green dresses (in different styles) for the bridesmaids and black tuxes for the groom, groomsmen, and honor attendant (her best friend, a guy); formal dinner with cocktail hour and chocolate fountain in a hotel, restaurant or banquet hall. Green and white will be the only colors at the ceremony (even in bouquets), with pink, orange, and yellow introduced through flowers (probably either gerbera daisies or roses)at the reception. The groom is a hockey fan, so the cake topper will be hockey-themed, as will the groom's cake. Bride is a singer and loves frogs and turtles, but isn't sure how to incorporate any of these in a subtle way. (We will be doing a "Found My Prince" frog-themed shower, however!)

Since even no theme has to have some kind of unifying motif just to make it interesting, I'm struggling how to accomplish that. We'd like to avoid the cuteness of hearts, bells, doves, etc., but I'm concerned that avoiding absolutely any kind of decorative touch will make the event rather bland and unmemorable. Also, the groom hates wine and the beach, so those motifs are also out.

Any advice?


Ooh Kathy! Exciting times!

The phrase "Apple Of My Eye" keeps popping into my head which you could then use as your wedding motto and theme everything with beautiful green apples.

Centerpieces could be a big square glass vase filled with green apples and then use colored ribbon to tie around the vase.

Or you could take your beautiful green color and use it to create beautiful green damask invitations. Then have apple green table runners and your floral centerpieces to decorate the tables. Use the green damask style for menus and table numbers.

Both styles would be stunning, the apple green your daughter has chosen is a great color for her wedding.

Have fun!


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