Can I have a wedding in Yosemite national park for $5,000-$10,000?

by Sarah

I want it to be simple. Very few guests, about 25. with nice food and a nice dress, with lots of fresh red roses as decorations.

Hi Sarah

The answer is yes! But you couldn't blow most of your budget on your wedding dress!

Yosemite National Park is very geared up for weddings and there are a number of wedding venues to choose from. One venue that is mentioned quite a bit as an affordable destination wedding venue is Awahnee Hotel and they have the facilities to cater for your numbers, plus some very romantic looking rooms! There are lots of others, just follow the link to the Yosemite National Park for a good list.

One thing I did notice is there are a few additional costs for having your wedding at the park.

$150 Non refundable deposit for a special use permit for your wedding.

And your guests will have to pay the entrance fees to the park themselves! At the time of writing this it is $20 per car or $200 for a mini bus. Worth checking which is cheaper for your guests, you will have to factor in the cost of hiring the minibus as well.

Good luck with your plans


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Dec 12, 2011
Best Yosemite officiant
by: Roxanna

The experience will be wonderful. When choosing an officiant for the area please make sure that they are REAL officiant/Clergy. Many get their ordination from the internet and make mistakes on the License thus voiding it or never file the license properly. The only ones that can perform a wedding in California are Clergy/Commissioners and Judges.

The best ones to get are REAL non-denominational clergy. You can find them on or just call the funniest and best one I HAVE EVER SEEN, Senior Pastor Tom of Calistoga Christian Center.If you can imagine a hispanic ROBIN WILLIAMS you can guess what he's like.

All proceeds from his wedding ceremony will go to the non-profit children's ministry of grape-pickers of Napa to purchase shoes,food and backpacks for those children.

You can contact him at (916) 834-1496 or (search) 94515 zip code. The ceremony should be a donation with rehearsal about $450 ( Make sure it's donated to the church not the officiant.


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