Can one actually get married at the courthouse in Winnipeg?

by Cindy R
(London, ON)

I have been trying to find information on whether the courthouse will conduct weddings or if you can only get your licence there. We do not live in Winnipeg but all of our family does. We want to keep it very simple and small and plan on having a family BBQ afterward with everyone else. There will be elderly individuals who need accessibility so a park may be out of the question. A courthouse wedding would be perfect for our situation.

Hi Cindy

I now know what you mean on trying to find out information on having your ceremony at the Winnipeg courthouse! It is almost impossible!

What I have found out is that you can't get married at the courthouse. Plus there are lots of ways to get a marriage licence rather than just the courthouse.

It seems like the best option for yourselves would be to hire a marriage officiant that can also take care of the marriage licence as well. The marriage licence is currently $100 and then you need $24 for the marriage certificate for after the ceremony.

Hiring an officiant will mean that you can have your ceremony anywhere you want - the park, a family member's home or garden. That way you can have the relaxed wedding you want.

Hope that helps!


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