Cant find a cheap venue>>

by jennifer
(grapvine, TX, USA)

We had planned to have a big blow out wedding late next year. However we have just been told in the past 3 days that his brother a marine will be going to Japan for 18+ months. My brother is a coast guard and will be leaving for a boat before the end of the year for and "unspecified" time. we have decided to bump up our wedding make it small 10-15 ppl so our brothers can be here. I can't find a cheap venue in our area. We live in grapevine Texas. i have looked at parks but december outside is pretty cold, museums, old chapels, everything I can think of please help. We want our day to still be special and memorable without ruining our chance to buy our first home in Jan.


Hi Jennifer

The great thing about having a small wedding is that it opens up even more places to have your reception and for a special and memorable day you can't beat a classy local restaurant or fun cafe.

Have a think about all the great restaurants you have locally - I heard you have over 200 and that your town was last year voted the first of five Best Cool Spots in the Burbs by D Magazine!

You also have galleries and wineries to investigate! Though I think you will have more fun at a great local restaurant.

Try and find somewhere that is closed during the day or the afternoon and enquire if they would be able to hold your wedding. They will be pleased about the extra business and just think about the publicity for them.

Community centres and public places may end up being too big for an intimate wedding so I would stick with gorgeous and small venues.

Good luck finding the perfect spot!


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