Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas

by Ashley
(Roy Utah)

I need help I only work part time seven fifty an hour, my fiancee full time ten an hour, but tons of bills. We're pretty much on our own with paying for the wedding and just need ideas for venues and stuff please help!!

It's going to be in November, fall themed colors; orange, red, yellow and peach very very formal. So far I have nothing planned I need budgeting help and ideas for decorating.

Hi Ashley
The first thing you need to do is sit down with your fiance and have a look at the wedding budget. How much do you have saved already? And then have a look at how much you can afford to save before the wedding in November.

Please do not over stretch yourself and get into debt to pay for your wedding, this site is all about finding cheaper alternatives to your dream day.

When you have your budget think about the numbers that you want to invite, and be realistic. Look into venues in your area that can hold the numbers and find out how much it is going to cost for catering and drinks per head. What are the costs for your wedding service, your dress, men's suits, flowers, invitations? Write this all down before you start to pay for stuff.

When you have an accurate idea of how much your wedding is going to cost go back to how much you can afford. If they are the same, perfect, if not then you may need to look at reducing numbers and finding cheaper catering options. Have a look at the reception and ideas section here.

Fall decoration ideas are all about the colors you mentioned, a cheap centerpiece idea is to have a pillar candle on a large glass plate and then surround it with fir cones and silk fall leaves to give it more color. For a more formal look then glass vases of tight bunched roses in your colors looks lovely and with a bit of practice can be created at home.

Good luck with your plans, if I can help more, drop a note in the comments section here.


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