Cheap Reception Site For 200+ Guests

by Kristen
(Garland, TX)

After my boyfriend came home from Iraq , he surprised me by proposing at the Harbor in Rockwall. Now we are planning a wedding for 200-230 guests and I do not know very many reception halls around Garland , TX. Along with that , what is the best way to save money with a reception site?

Hi Kristen

Congratulations on your engagement, I had a look online for a banquet hall in your area to fit your numbers (wow you have a lot of family and friends!) and one that came up on every search was I don't know the venue but it would be a good place to start your enquiries.

Ways to save yourself money on your reception are by holding your wedding during the week as this will be cheaper, look to do as much as you can yourselves - will the venue allow you to cater and decorate yourselves?

If you have your reception out of normal mealtimes you can avoid needing to serve a big banquet, have a look at cheap menu ideas.

Don't feel you have to go along with any set packages that the venue has, these will include drinks and food, and in some cases the entertainment as well - they have been designed so that the venue maximises its revenue from you - do your own calculations!

More informal receptions do cost less, don't go with a sit down meal of 3+ courses, for 200+ people that would cost a fortune.

Which does bring me to the number of people you are planning on inviting is huge, set your wedding budget to what you can afford and from that work out the numbers that you can invite.

If you found a local community hall or a local park where you could have a huge picnic this would save you thousands.

Good luck with your plans


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Aug 03, 2009
wedding in garland
by: Anonymous

There is a place called Spring Park that is great they include the tables chairs and have lots of decorations you can use I am a wedding planner and have had 2 weddings there for low budget wedding you can still have what you want. There web address is


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