Cheap Wedding Menu For 50 People With A $60 Budget

by amber kelley
(springfield, OH)

My wedding theme is black and white and there's going to be 40 people but I need some more just in case, can you please help me?

Hi Amber

A great way to feed lots of people cheaply is to be creative with what you are providing.

If you wanted to fit with your black and white theme you could look at serving black and white decorated cakes and serve it with tea and coffee, or a fruit punch. You would need a bit extra for the drinks. Save costs by finding lots of willing helpers that can help decorate - you could have lots of cupcakes or use your wedding cake instead - saving you lots!

The best cheap wedding menu that I have enjoyed was soup and bread. Vegetable soups are cheap and easy to make, choose vegetables that are in season and give a couple of choices for your guests. Fill them up with big chunks of bread. If you spoke to a local baker they may offer you a discount for buying a big quantity - especially if you tell them it is for your wedding!

The cheapest option for feeding your guests are canapes - sounds mad as you often think they will cost a fortune and they would if you didn't make them yourself. Toasted rounds of bread with cheese and olives, shrimps, cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes all would look great. And that is the thing about canapes it is all about the look.

Another cheeky way to keep your food costs down is to have your reception not at a meal time and that way you only need to provide some snacks.

Afternoon tea and brunch type wedding menus are all becoming more popular, along with potluck, picnics and bbq.

Have a think about your guests and the type of food that they would enjoy, if they are big hearty eaters then the soup idea works well.

Good luck with your plans


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