Cheap Wedding on a Soldier Salary

by Blake Anderson

Right now we are just planning ahead so we can be preparred as much as possible. But 75 people, dress tuxes, outside ceremony and indoor more than 4-5 brides maids and groomsmen. Our families love to cook so i think food is gonna be handled...its just finding place to do it and it not cost alot. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

Blake Anderson
US Army

Hi Blake,

You don't say where you are wanting to get married, so hopefully a very general response will help get you started. If not, drop me a line with some specifics!

Decide on your location and then start to look at every venue that will fit your numbers. Many military weddings will take place at Military chapels or academy grounds. They rarely charge for the use of the facility but would expect a donation. Is there a chapel at your home base or academy that you would like to use?

For your reception there are ofen facilities at yoru base that you could hire, but if this is a long way away from where your families are from this might not be the best venue.

If it is your home town that you are looking at then think about venues that mean something to you. It could be a school or college that you went to, or where you first met. It doesn't have to be a big wedding venue, it could be a much more intimate restaurant that you know everyone will enjoy.

Also make sure you mention that you are in the military in your initial enquiries as there are often discounts for military personnel.

Good luck with your plans


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