Cheap Wedding Venue for $500 or under that will let me bring my own food/drinks!

by Lindsay
(Clearwater, FL)


My fiance and I are getting married 06/12/10 with approx 120 people on the guest list. Our budget for the entire wedding from here out is $2,500, and we expect to have a pretty informal reception. What we have so far is my dress, my wedding band, and the church. We have a friend that can DJ for free, and we will be getting the photographer for approx $600; which leaves $1,900 left over for venue, his band, his suit, flowers, food, & drinks. We are going to have a later reception (probably around 8) so that we don't have to worry about feeding everyone complete meals. We figure about $1,000 for food and drinks. The problem is, we are having trouble finding a local venue that will allow us to bring in our own food, and $1,000 budget is too small for the venue's we are looking at that make us use their catering/bartender services. Do you have any ideas? Also any ideas for cheap flowers?

Hi Lindsay

Cheap wedding venues are local parks, community halls, schools, cafes, friends backyards and anywhere that is not normally used for a wedding reception. You get even better deals at venues that are not open at night time! Have a think of all the places that are big enough to hold your numbers - however bizarre they may be and then see how many of them would be open to a wedding party. You will probably need to ensure that the venue is all cleared up before they next need to use it.

I know of wedding receptions at local parks with a picnic, funky daytime cafes, museums - though a number are now marketing themselves as a wedding venue, art galleries, even a car showroom! One of my friends even had their wedding reception in our old school during the summer vacation.

Cheap flowers are carnations - they can look very cool, ones that you have grown yourself and anything that is in season.

Let me know if you find a great cheap wedding venue - lots of photos too!

Good luck with the hunt.

Suz x

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