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A Christmas wedding gown is not really any different from any other wedding gown.

The important part is for you to choose the one that flatters you most. Of course it would really be in the spirit of Christmas if your dress was topped off with a long velvet cape!

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Choosing red or green colors for your Christmas wedding dress is very Christmassy, or you may choose to stick with neutrals such as white or off white and just accessorize by adding a beautiful red silk or velvet sash on your waistline.

You can also choose to sparkle on your wedding by opting for a silvery gown or a winter white gown beaded with silver sequins and beads. 

Though the spirit of Christmas has always been reflected by red and green, as always you are completely free to choose which colors you like best. Other options are cream, gold, burgundy, silver and light blue.

This is not saying that your Christmas wedding gown must be one of these colors, rather you could choose to accent and accessorize with these colors. More often than not, the bridesmaids and flowergirls are the ones in colored dresses.

Christmas Wedding Gown Style

The fabric of your wedding gown is an important factor. Colder season calls for thicker fabric so it is not wise to settle for chiffon and organza. Taffeta, duchesse satin and velvet are good choices. Beads, sequins, gold embroidery and appliques are great accents for Christmas wedding gowns.

It is a given that the length of wedding gown would be floor length but it would be more practical to settle for ankle-length or shorter in case you encounter slush. Be different and have warm boots instead! A full skirt is wonderful for a Christmas wedding gown but if the bride's silhouette will not look good on a full skirt, go with what you feel happy in.

You can also add more pizzazz to your Christmas wedding dress by accessorizing with a fake fur muff and wrap.

wedding cape

The longer the sleeves, the better for after all the weather is cold. A 3/4 long sleeve is also alright but settling for a tube or halter wedding gown might not be practical unless you're planning on having your Christmas wedding somewhere warm. Consider bell sleeves for a more romantic cut.

Necklines of Christmas wedding gowns are preferably set higher because of the solemnity of the event and also because of the cold weather. This is no time to opt for plunging necklines and bare backs. Most brides consider a bateau neckline as it emphasizes the collarbone. Some opt for keyhole designs or off-the-shoulder necklines for more flair. Mandarin collar is also a popular choice so is halter-style collar.

A Christmas wedding gown can be even more stylish and elegant if it is fitted with a train. The longer the train, the more spectacular and regal it is. The train must securely bustle in the event that the bride has to walk on snow and slush.

If you are going to be walking through snow then some funky white furry boots for this would be perfect, you can then wear the dainty heels when you are inside!

A wedding gown need not be expensive, there are lots of places that you can go to find the best Christmas wedding gown for you, here are some lovely cheap wedding dresses that have the Christmas colors.

Don't Get Cold

For me there is nothing worse than being cold and I have worked at so many winter weddings where the bride is shivering in her dress and ends up borrowing a jacket.

Please don't be one of those!

Most of us will be in the cold at Christmas time, but obviously not everyone is, rather than having thicker materials you could add your Christmas touch to your gown by having the colors; deep reds and dark greens are a definite winner.

Also if your wedding is mainly indoors then having thick fabrics is not going to be the best, instead see if you can hire a cloak or a beautiful coat that you can wear over your gown that way you can loose the extra layers when you are inside which is great for when you are boogying!

You can also buy fairly inexpensive wraps to keep you warm ( or make your own) and I have even seen brides with big winter white boots on too.

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