Do I need to Keep my Reception colors (table decor) same as my wedding line

by Louise
(San Jose, California)

Western Wedding in Vegas in December.

Groom is in George Strait Jeans & White Shirt, Black steton Hat, Black Leather Vest and Black Boots Bride is in Denim Wedding Dress.

Best Man in Wranger Jeans and Red Western Shirt.

Maid of Honor in Denim Skirt and Matching Womens Red Western Shirt. Bride's flowers are Snow White Peonies against red ilex berry branches.

Groom Has a Stephanotis Boutonniere.

Anyway, Red is my favorite color but ot sure where to go from here on table decor for reception. It is a small 40 - 50 people invited to both ceremony and reception. All in same place and dinner is included. Very laid back, country western style. Casual attire and country music. Where should I start with colors for tables. Do I need to stick with Reds or can I go with more country western style colors?

Hi Louise

Wow your plans are so detailed!

The simple answer to your table decorations is that no the table linen does not have to be red, this is your wedding and you can do what you want.

Which by the sounds of it whatever you choose will look fab.

I have just seen a fab western wedding table where they have used bandanas - which could be red :o)

If the tables at the venue are good enough as in wood, you could go with having them without linens and just have your flowers.

Your wedding sounds fun!

Best of luck


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