Do you have any tall wedding centerpiece ideas that will stand out in the room without costing me a fortune?

by Clare

Tall Wedding Centerpiece Branch

Tall Wedding Centerpiece Branch

I'm getting married next August we've just brought it forward by a year so haven't got as much time as we first thought. Also the room we wanted to hire has gone so we've had to go for the bigger room (which is stunning), but I don't want it to look empty. I need big table centerpieces but can't afford to spend too much as I'm also planning my sons communion party too! any help or ideas you could give me would be great! Clare x

Hi Clare

You don't mention a theme to your wedding if you have one, so here goes with some general tall centerpiece ideas that you could customize.

My first favorite is making your own tree, what you will need is a pot, a branch and some air drying clay. Try and find branches that have lots of branches off of them. If you want the branch to be sparkly or a particular color then use spray paint and glitter to decorate. Start by painting the branch and the pot, when they are both dry secure the branch into the pot with the clay and leave that to dry hard. Then you can have fun decorating. It could be with ribbons, baubles, paper butterflies, hearts -anything that fits with your theme.

Another cheap tall centerpiece idea that is more modern is to buy the tallest glass cylinder vase you can find, you can pick these up quite cheaply from supermarkets, IKEA and sometimes if you are really lucky in pound stores. You are looking for the really tall ones. Fill the base with glass beads or shells, have one single stem flower secured at the bottom and then fill the whole vase with water, top the centerpiece off with a floating candle. For extra wow have tea lights around the main vase.

With the same vase you can also fill it with LED fairy lights - these are battery operated and give a real sparkle to the room. Add extra sparkly bits into the vase for the lights to sparkle off.

Beach themes can also work with a tall glass vase, fill the base with sand and shells or pebbles with a pillar candle.

Peacock feathers are tall and can be bought fairly cheaply at bird parks if there is one near you? They just pick up the ones that are left on the ground by the birds.

There are more tall wedding centerpieces.

It would be worth asking a florist to price up tall centerpieces or ask if they are able to work to your budget. You never know they may be able to. Have a look at our cheap wedding flower ideas for ideas to find a cheaper florist.

Also remember to ask at the venue, they may have candelabras that you can use on the day that you could design your centerpiece around.

Hope that helps with ideas!


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