Elegant wedding in the Easy bay, CA for 5,000

by OLA
(Alameda, CA)

Hi, my name is Ola and we have our wedding set for July of this year. We are both still in college and have a very tight budget for 100 people. I don't know what my colors would be, I really need help there, I want pretty bright but very elegant and classy colors. We found a venue in Alameda CA, my dress, so that's out of the way, the problem with the venue is I have to go with their food and bar package, its on a Sunday to cut costs and might start about 3.00pm. I need lots of help with decorations, flowers, cake, dj, photographers, videographers, bridesmaid and groomsmen clothing for about 5 each and everything, I am very stressed and need sooo much help me please.

Hi Ola
Well done on getting your venue and wedding dress they are definately the hardest to get sorted so you must be more than half way there!

For your dj, photographer and videographer have a look on craigslist.org and ask around your friends and family if they know somebody or could do it themselves.

For your wedding cake have a look at the ones at your local supermarkets you will probably be surprised how good they are. Don't go with the decorated ones instead decorate it yourself with fresh flowers.

To save money have a look at the flowers that would be in season and are readily available (ie cheap) when you are getting married. You can save money either by buying them wholesale or at a supermarket.

To save money with your bridesmaids dresses go with a color and ask your bridesmaids to find a dress in that color that they will wear again. Or for really bright and if you have a lot of bridesmaids you could go with a rainbow of colors!

When you are choosing your colors think about the ones that you like and as teh budget is important also look at what is available in what colors.

For decorations have a look at make your own wedding decorations.

Good luck pulling everything together - you can do it!

Suz x

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