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Halloween wedding cakes look amazing, most look like works of art with mini gourds, corpse brides, bats, gothic themes and of course pumpkins. With all the time that a cake like that takes to make it is not surprising that they can cost a fortune - the good ones certainly do, but there is an alternative.

You first need to buy a plain celebration cake, you can get these at most supermarkets and then decorate it yourself. It could be a simple ribbon around the cakes in halloween colors with a halloween cake topper. Simple to put together and it won't cost the earth. 

You can also use mini gourds, real or fake. Place a few on the top of the cake - secure them with wire or cocktail sticks when you are happy with the way they look. You can make them sparkly by brushing with egg whites and sprinkling sugar or glitter on them.

Keep a look out for halloween stuff at local discount stores, you may find the perfect cake topper and there will be loads of bits to decorate the tables with.

You can also buy halloween cake decorations that you can use to decorate your cake, these look great on cupcakes.

Halloween Sprinkles

If you are having cupcakes then a touch of sparkle on top of your frosting would look great. This set from Wilton has a variety of sprinkles - pumpkins, black, orange and purple sugars. You can also buy the sprinkles seperately and there are some very cute Halloween edible confetti too.

Lots more Wilton on Amazon products for you to look at.

Halloween Cutters

This set of mini cookie cutters would be perfect for creating fondant icing toppers to your cupcakes or for decorations to your cake.

There are iconic Halloween shapes with a witches hat, a pumpkin, a ghost, a bat and a skull. Plus you have fall shapes - an acorn and leaves.

If you were thinking of making your own wedding favors then you could use these to create Halloween cookies too!

More details at Wilton on Amazon

Ghost Decorations

I think this particular ghost decoration is too cute and if you are having a Halloween wedding then this would add a fun touch to your wedding cake!

There are lots more ghosts waiting for you at Wilton on Amazon

Pumpkin Decorations

Another very cute cake decoration, this would look adorable on cupcakes and also as a decoration around a bigger cake.

There are lots of other pumpkin cake decorations at Wilton on Amazon

Cupcake Wrappers

This is for the more sophisticated Halloween wedding! They look amazing and really do add the finishing touch to your cake. This decoration makes you wonder why more couples don't get married at Halloween!

There are lots more designs on Amazon.

You can have the best of both worlds by having tiers of cupakes decorated with halloween bits and then have a more traditional wedding cake as the top layer.

As with all cake decorating, less is definately more, so don't go mad by piling your wedding cake high with everything halloween that you can get your hands on.

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