have a 5000.00 dollar budget and 100 +/- people - 1,100.00 venue

I am the master of cerimonies for a couple who are very close friends. We have a budget for ceromony and reception that is 5,000.00 and I want to make the most of it. Can you tell me how to get the best decorations etc without them looking cheap. the wedding (seromony and reception) is being held at a venue that costs 1,100.00 dollars. We need chairs tables (recpetion only chairs for ceremony are provided). We can bring in alcohol but we have to use their catorer (no price yet). colors yellow and royal blue. wedding late september. email me anything else you may need to know

If I were you I would wait until you have the price for the caterer as then you will know how much money you have to use for extras like decorations.

It would be a good idea to list all of the things that you still need to get; tables, chairs, wedding cake, decorations, table linens, cutlery, crockery, glasses (just I case they are not included in the caterers price), flowers and wedding attire for the wedding party.

When you speak with the caterer find out exactly what is included as they may be able to provide tables and stuff at a much cheaper price.

Also look at saving money with the caterer by not having a full sit down meal and maybe have something like an afternoon tea or buffet stations serving your favourite foods.

To get the maximum out of your decorations you may want to get the biggest impact by having coloured linens on the tables and the have a runner in the other color. Or you could have candles in the other color if you are allowed them in the room. I am loving all of the paper lanterns I am seeing at the moment as they are cheap and look fantastic. These you could buy in your wedding colors.

But like I said at the beginning you really need to wait until you have the costs of the caterer before you do anything.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes

please excuse my spelling: I swear I am not as stupid as it makes me appear.

Meagan Glynn

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